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Our goal: to make bodybuilders and their customers pioneers in environmentally friendly construction site logistics to enable a sustainable future for our industry.




SANY is a Chinese multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company that produces a wide range of construction equipment, including electric trucks.


The advantages of SANY electric trucks include:

1. Environmental friendliness: Electric trucks produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel or gasoline-powered trucks. They contribute to cleaner air and help combat climate change.

2. Energy efficiency: Electric trucks have higher energy efficiency compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. Electric drivetrains can convert a higher percentage of electrical energy into vehicle propulsion, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

3. Reduced operating costs: Electric trucks can offer lower operating costs compared to traditional trucks powered by diesel or gasoline. Electric power can be cheaper than fossil fuels, and electric drivetrains generally require less maintenance due to fewer moving parts.

4. Quiet operation: Electric trucks produce less noise pollution compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines, resulting in quieter operation, especially important for urban areas or during nighttime deliveries.

5. Cost Savings: Although electric trucks typically have a higher upfront cost, they offer significant savings in operating costs over their lifetime. Electric vehicles have lower energy and maintenance costs compared to diesel trucks. Electricity is generally cheaper than diesel fuel, and electric drivetrains have fewer moving parts, resulting in reduced maintenance and repair expenses.

6. Government Incentives: Many governments and local authorities provide incentives, grants, and subsidies to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks. These incentives can help offset the higher initial cost and make electric trucks more financially attractive for businesses.

7. Long-term Viability: As the world shifts towards renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, the electricity used to charge electric trucks will become increasingly greener. This makes electric heavy-duty trucks a more sustainable long-term option compared to vehicles reliant on fossil fuels.

SANY eTrucks in China

The electrification of powertrains has swept the entire industry. SANY has taken a pioneering role in this global trend in China. With significant investment in engineers (~1000 engineers) and infrastructure (400ha highly automated factory), SANY has built a large e-truck portfolio consisting of various battery-powered truck tractors.  In 2022, SANY sold over 5000 heavy-duty e-trucks (17% market share in China) - more than all European OEMS combined. By mid-2022, SANY has increased its sales by more than 500% year-on-year and aims to sell 80,000 annual units in China by 2025.

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